The Black Box: Vilunki 3000′s Original Band Drawings

Vilunki 3000′s Original Band Drawings

10.6.2013—26.6.2013 — GOOD BANDS MADE INTO BAD DRAWINGS — An exhibition of 100+ original band pictures drawn by a Helsinki-based musician/artist Vilunki 3000 for the line-up of last year’s Kuudes Aisti festival.

Exhibition open whenever the huge black doors are open, mostly on afternoons and early evenings (around 14:00—20:00) on weekdays until June 26th 2013. Call the museum staff for more precise information, or follow the event updates of the exhibition on Facebook.

Good bands made into bad drawings:
Vilunki 3000: Good Bands Made Into Bad Drawings

Exhibition set-up # 1:
Exhibition set-up # 1

Exhibition set-up # 2:
Exhibition set-up # 2

Exhibition set-up # 3:
Exhibition set-up # 2

Museum wall:
Exhibition advertisement

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Shout-outs to Shotgun Club for the live show at the exhibition opening.

Shotgun Club — Play Dead (Film by Paola Suhonen / IVANAhelsinki)