The Black Box: Pictographic Journals of the Wolfhorse

Pictographic Journals of the Wolfhorse

18.7.2013—9.8.2013 — NOW: Pictographic Journals of the Wolfhorse, hand-drawn and pieced together by artists Eero Ilari Alho and Pekka Juhani Ijäs along with an assortment of selected special guest stars.

Exhibition open whenever the huge black doors are open, mostly on afternoons and early evenings (around 12:00—20:00) on weekdays. Call the museum staff for more precise information, or follow the event updates of the exhibition on Facebook.

Wolfhorse drawing # 1:
Wolfhorse drawing # 1

Wolfhorse drawing # 2:
Wolfhorse drawing # 2

Wolfhorse wall art:
Wolfhorse drawing # 3

Exhibition set-up:

The Black Box exterior:

Wolfhorse on canvas:
Wolfhorse painting

Thanks to United Seafood for the exhibition opening ceremony gig.

Really Paranoid skate film clip w/ United Seafood